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If you’re an Airbnb Experience Host and want to enter into a draw where I’ll personally optimize your listing, then this is your chance to win. Pop in your details below to enter the draw. I can’t wait to see who our lucky winner will be. Stay tuned!

Private One-on-One Airbnb Listing Optimization Session

In this exclusive one-on-one session, I will personally audit and optimize your Airbnb listing to ensure it stands out in search results and attracts more bookings. No more guesswork, no more struggling with SEO – I’ll handle it all for you, and you’ll leave the session with a fully optimized listing, ready to impress potential guests.

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Small Group Airbnb Listing Optimization Workshop

Join our small group session where you will learn essential SEO techniques and strategies to elevate your Airbnb listing. This workshop is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who appreciate a bit of expert hand-holding. By the end of the session, you’ll have actionable tips, a tailored keyword list, and a clear plan to optimize your listing on your own time.

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